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The Painter's Tongue

The Work’s The Thing

I must continuously work to be happy, to feel whole, fulfilled. It’s what I must do. It’s who I am. The pleasure is in the doing and in each fleeting moment of redemption, my efforts given justification, if only temporarily, by the realization of each painting. So it is doing, and, it is seeing the result–the work, and, the work.

But the real “struggle” begins when I put brushes down until that moment when I can force myself to pick them up again. Paradoxical I guess that the thing that gives me the most fulfillment can be the most difficult to begin.

“I must insist, I must work, I must struggle, for the emotion of painting to reach me so that I feel capable of painting.” Badia Camps

Thanks for reading.  Marcus

Work In Progress

I have a new page entitled, In Progress, on my site at mtmcclanahan.com. Now you can see work in various stages of completion. You can also reserve a painting to purchase through the appropriate gallery when complete.

Work In Progress

 Facade (in progress)

Gallery 1100

Select, small work is now available online at gallery1100.com, a new gallery site set up exclusively for this purpose. Larger paintings are still available through representing galleries.

Gallery 1100

 Gallery 1100

A Study of Gulls

My latest show ran from August 12 to September 4 at Vision Gallery. It’s a series I will continue as I think I’ve found a home with them – their movement and character. Some works are still available for purchase.

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