Behind The Work

Workshop: Freedom In Acrylics

Low Light On A Sailboat 18x18x1" acrylic on canvas

The things I have found to be important in producing a work of art are those that free my inhibitions. Freedom to express is the one thing that has, more than anything else, become my loadstar. And what we believe about art and about ourselves is paramount in finding an artistic voice–the originality that is you.

So, this workshop is about you. For those that have painted before and want to get to the next level, it’s about finding the freedom to find your voice.Continue reading

The Colony: A Study Of Gulls

The Discussion 40x40x1.5 acrylic on canvas

I was watching two gulls converse recently. Actually it was only one doing all the talking; the other kept trying to get away–trying to escape apparently. I thought, he must have stayed out very late last night. But then I thought, maybe the one talking is apologizing for something. After I worked through my stereotypical anthropomorphic analysisContinue reading

Crescent Path

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Crescent Path 36x36x1.5 acrylic on canvas

One of my favorite ways to compose is from a high vantage point, like from a bridge, a third floor balcony, or as in Crescent Path, from atop a dune. In addition to this, and the juxtaposition of the beach houses, what gave this scene life is the strong swooshing shape of a crescent formed by the path. It is this dynamic, the emphasis on motion, that I’m naturally drawn to.Continue reading


Waterfront 36x36 acrylic
Waterfront 36×36 acrylic

This is a view of East Main Street area next to the original Highway 17 bridge in Washington. Standing at the apex of a bridge gives a good vantage point. It was a cold day and the light was clear and bright. The light was warm too, making the white hulls look very yellow; I think that was my initial objective—to paint those yellow boat hulls, but the architecture too.Continue reading

Blue Tombstone

Blue Tombstone 44x44x1.5 acrylic on canvas

I have to sometimes put forth effort to not be overly dark or dramatic because that is my natural tendency it seems. These boats that are part of my ‘Skiff’ series can be seen to represent various aspects of life, some specific to me, others more general. And it’s not difficult for them to appear as metaphors for the more sober journeys we take.Continue reading