Workshop: Freedom In Acrylics

Low Light On A Sailboat 18x18x1" acrylic on canvas

The things I have found to be important in producing a work of art are those that free my inhibitions. Freedom to express is the one thing that has, more than anything else, become my loadstar. And what we believe about art and about ourselves is paramount in finding an artistic voice–the originality that is you.

So, this workshop is about you. For those that have painted before and want to get to the next level, it’s about finding the freedom to find your voice.I will show you what I know, what I feel is the bedrock of this freedom for me, from basic material concerns to advanced visual ones, from the practical to the philosophical.

The workshop will consist of demonstrations, individual instruction, and time permitting group critiques and discussion. Each day will be filled with a meaningful and orderly approach to instruction designed to maximize absorption of the material. Expect to be challenged, in your thinking especially, through exercises that solidify the ideas presented.

Covered are: composing, interpretation, seeing, light, form, materials, technique

Freedom In Acrylics
Nov. 8, 9 & 10
in Calabash, NC
Information at: Sunset River Marketplace

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