The Colony: A Study Of Gulls

The Discussion 40x40x1.5 acrylic on canvas

I was watching two gulls converse recently. Actually it was only one doing all the talking; the other kept trying to get away--trying to escape apparently. I thought, he must have stayed out very late last night. But then I thought, maybe the one talking is apologizing for something. After I worked through my stereotypical anthropomorphic analysis I felt part of their drama--they were connected in a very personal way and I became connected through that relationship.

I've always held a fascination with gulls. Their beautiful displays of sinuous movement in flight and their amazingly colorful range of grays are hard to resist as a painter. But there is also that drama to their existence, giving meaning to every colony.

The Colony: A Study Of Gulls
New paintings on view at Vision Gallery
August 12 - September 4

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