Crescent Path

Crescent Path 36x36x1.5 acrylic on canvas

One of my favorite ways to compose is from a high vantage point, like from a bridge, a third floor balcony, or as in Crescent Path, from atop a dune. In addition to this, and the juxtaposition of the beach houses, what gave this scene life is the strong swooshing shape of a crescent formed by the path. It is this dynamic, the emphasis on motion, that I'm naturally drawn to.

There is a side-to-side swinging motion set up by how the foliage defines the sand into an "S" shape, or a number "2." But the strongest gesture for me is the fast, acute curve of the path defined by a sharp edge of greenery.

See a four stage progression of this painting, and how I resolved it's composition, at Adaptation: Evolution Of A Creation, on The Painter's Tongue.

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