Ode To Edward

Ode To Edward 36x36x1.5 acrylic on canvas

I connect with Edward Hopper's work. There is a certain feeling of detachment in them, detachment from whatever is there--a figure, an interior. In the case of his House By The Railroad, it is a house separated from us by a railroad track.

House By The Railroad by Edward HopperI'm not sure my subliminal intentions were the same as his, described as expressing "the alienation of modern life," but there is a similarity in structure between his painting and my Ode To Hopper. And, of course, thus my title.

But it's more than a superficial design comparison that I feel strongly enough to evoke the master's name. I feel what he feels, albeit for different reasons.

"But the man behind the easel is relentless.
He is as brutal as sunlight, and believes
The house must have done something horrible
To the people who once lived here"

Edward Hirsch
Edward Hopper And The House By The Railroad

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