Waterfront 36x36x1.5 acrylic on canvas

This is a view of East Main Street area next to the original Highway 17 bridge in Washington. Standing at the apex of a bridge gives a good vantage point. It was a cold day and the light was clear and bright. The light was warm too, making the white hulls look very yellow; I think that was my initial objective—to paint those yellow boat hulls, but the architecture too. The overall feel of the scene was interesting. There was a sparkle to it all—the light on the buildings seemed to ripple like the water itself. Even the way those bright, spindly masts cut through the sky contrasted interestingly with the far church steeple.

I’ve painted two versions of this scene so far; I’m trying to get the hulls satisfyingly bright. I can see taking a Fauvist’s approach and using pure, unadulterated color to interpret them.

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