Blue Tombstone

Blue Tombstone 44x44x1.5 acrylic on canvas

I have to sometimes put forth effort to not be overly dark or dramatic because that is my natural tendency it seems. These boats that are part of my ‘Skiff’ series can be seen to represent various aspects of life, some specific to me, others more general. And it’s not difficult for them to appear as metaphors for the more sober journeys we take.

I’m not sure what this small skiff represents. It comes from my life and the lives around me. It could denote the path we take–all of us–from birth to death. We “drift” on the wind, as it were, on the air we breath; an unknowable existence, that no matter what we may do in life, we all have this in common–that we live and we die.

This can all become as deep and depressing as German Expressionism was in the 20’s, depending on how you look at it. But many may come to different metaphorical conclusions on this dory.

The transom on this type of boat is sometimes referred to  as the ‘tombstone’ because of it’s shape. In a way this is apropos to my storyline. But I didn’t want this piece to conjure images of death because I don’t think it’s about that (not completely anyway) and life shouldn’t be experienced as a doomed experiment.

So I call this piece Blue Drift (take the ‘Blue’ however you like) with the subtitle ‘Blue Tombstone’. I mainly kept the last because I thought it interesting.


  1. sus
    April 30, 2015

    Serene, sober, serious, solitary. Cool (take that however you like), and so well done. Nice, Marcus.
    I love your left-handedness. 🙂 Just the direction of the strokes stimulates the eye as “unusual” and because of that, more engaging. And here my father thought my brother was doomed because he was left handed!!! NOT

  2. roopadudley
    May 1, 2015

    Your statement “I have to sometimes put forth effort to not be overly dark or dramatic because that is my natural tendency it seems.” The beauty of art Marcus is that we can freely express our deepest darkest desires, feelings or fears without having to repress it. How niggardly of you to not express that which comes naturally. If I were to subscribe to that school of thought that will mean death to me. Perhaps the “Tombstone” title is fitting in that way because it keenly expresses your present state of being. Perfect for a Funeral Home.So you see, as an artist we get criticized regardless — better let those demons out on the canvas then keeping them in. No? I choose to do what comes naturally to me and usually it is on the sunny side of life (so far).I have a name for this movement of art: “Repressionism” art that is opposite of “Expressionism”.

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