Tip Of The Iceberg: What I See In My Finished Painting

Picasso formal constructions
dictate placement and the
white shaped head at the bottom
looks like Guernica material.

Tip Of The Iceberg by Carole Guthrie

But it is the winter wind that
blows cold around the white rabbit
heading for its hutch where a predatory figure

and the blues grow icy next to the black
passages that frame the solid poles that
cut through the canvas.

Cumulus clouds and a blue sky appear
only occasionally as winter in New England approaches
allowing me to contemplate the lights and the darks of
the season.

Carole Guthrie

Carole Guthrie

  Painting for me is a sensuous encounter with brush into paint, paint on canvas, finding the way to completion and unity. Composition is bound on canvas with each color and shape integral to the work. When all is working, the painting pleases the eye like a Chopin etude pleases the ear. One false note and the symphony has no harmony.

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  1. elenaslc9 says:

    Love the panting and also conception of this art work.

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