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How words, related specifically to art-making, are used on The Painter’s Tongue. If you would like to add to a definition please use the Comments section below.

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atmospheric perspective – the illusion of depth through making objects, that are further away, appear cooler and less distinct

•color – the combined value, intensity and hue of a shape
composition – the arrangement of elements in a work

•depth – linear, aerial and atmospheric conditions in a composition which create the illusion of space
drawing – linear marks on a support usually linear in fashion used to depict outline

•element – any of the artistic parameters to include line, shape, form, value, color, texture
en plein air – French phrase for “painting in the open air”

form – three dimensionality of an object

gestalt – organized whole perceived as more than the sum of its parts

Hawthorne, Charles – (1872-1930) American portrait and genre painter, Cape Cod School of Art founder and noted teacher, compiled by his wife are his teachings in Hawthorne On Painting
Henri, Robert – (1865-1929) American painter and teacher, important member of the Ashcan School, wrote The Art Spirit,
Hensche, Henry – (1899-1992) American Impressionist painter, Took over the Cape Cod School of Art after Hawthorne, teachings examined by biographer John Robichaux in Hensche On Painting
•hue – a specific color

•linear perspective – two and three dimensional rendering so that edges appear to recede in space

major value shapes – the underlying foundation of a strong composition of colors

•perspective – the illusion of depth on a two dimensional surface
picture plane – the two dimensional support surface on which a painting is produced

•shape – enclosed geometric or amorphous area
•support – the material that a painting is produced on, like stretched canvas or board
subject – what the work is about

texture – the painted surface feel, the illusion of the surface feel of something, the overall result of how paint is applied to the support

•value – the lightness or darkness of something
•value relationships – comparing the major light to dark shapes in a composition

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