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Balancing Chaos: Structure And Expression

The thousands of paint strokes that came before this one, all the training and practice, hopefully guide my exuberance to fulfill my vision. The elements, which make up the structure of a work of art, like the structure that holds the sun’s power in check, support and allow for chaos to manifest into coherent expression […]


The Advancing Artist: Make War Not Art

Be ravenous! Doing art requires that I not be a spectator, watching the thick , black residue of quiet effort drip from my uncallused hands, but a warrior, wielding saber on the field of battle, on the field of discovery […]


Memory: The Textural Sense

Something happens, physically, when certain colors and their corresponding values, values which have  little to do with reality or representation, come together in a composition. This serendipitous amalgam, this texture, creates a dish that is, as Delacroix said art should be, “a feast for the eyes” […]