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Artistic Freedom: Sonia Ben Achoura’s Sacred Man

Restricting individual freedom of expression does not realize for society a greater good. The opposite is true. It is respect for the individual that “unites all people”, that imbues us with a “deeper appreciation of our own intrinsic sacredness” […]


Form And Vision: More On Exaggeration

To have as my goal to paint only with precision and with perfect proportion becomes shallow. Feeling and empathy are my first priority, expressed through exaggeration and abstraction […]


Boldly Exaggerate: Reality Is Not In A Mirror

When “good” drawing becomes the starting point instead of the finish line, when my goal is expression rather than rendition, I feel I am maturing. But it takes time and I should continue developing my skill because this is what frees creativity […]


The Real Vision

There is joy in the act of creating and there is joy in the creation but I feel there is a desire, of varying degrees depending on the artist, to express something more, something weighing on the soul. This “something more” supersedes joy and hovers in the realm of need […]


Direction: Is It Visual Or Intellectual

It’s confusing—this art thing. On the one hand you have the view that artistic ideas come spontaneously out of the process of working—out of the process of trying to capture reality–light, color, etc. Then the cubist, fauvist, expressionist, etc., arrive on the scene and muddy the whole thing up, espousing the “idea” as coming first. And then there is everything in-between […]


Mystery: The End To The Means

By whatever means or images I am moved to describe it I’m convinced that mystery is my goal. I could call it a feeling–how I feel when I see a certain scene or imagine it; there is this overall, felt impression that is indefinable and deeper than the things or shapes, though everything about the composition speaks to it