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For Whom Do You Create: Michelangelo Finds His Form

I’ve read many artists say that they want to show the viewer, through the work, what they see. That is the gift of strong sensitivity (sometimes a curse)—the intensity of the green meadow overwhelms me, or the blue of the ocean, the stark contrasts of a still life or the power of a simple line—these prompt me to work […]


Form And Vision: More On Exaggeration

To have as my goal to paint only with precision and with perfect proportion becomes shallow. Feeling and empathy are my first priority, expressed through exaggeration and abstraction […]


Boldly Exaggerate: Reality Is Not In A Mirror

When “good” drawing becomes the starting point instead of the finish line, when my goal is expression rather than rendition, I feel I am maturing. But it takes time and I should continue developing my skill because this is what frees creativity […]