Speaking On Art #3

SOAA Carnival for the Arts  Oct. 2013

Welcome to this edition of Speaking on Art. Thank you to our splendid contributors.

Taking nothing from previous issues, this may well be my favorite carnival to date.  Here we have beauty and wisdom combined; I imagine this is what heaven is like.

It has been said that we can learn more about an artist’s work straight from his own mouth than we can from the critics. I would agree. In this issue we have highlighted artist’s work and included a statement from each.

This carnival edition got me thinking about where the line is drawn between “fine” and “commercial” art. In art school it was rather distinct–the border between the two. Myself being a C.A. graduate, I always found my side of the art MTMCCLANAHAN BWbuilding much cleaner than the painting and sculpting side. Maybe, instead of “Artists”, we should all call ourselves “Creatives”. Work, well done, is Art to me. One thing for sure, you will be inspired by Very Sarie’s, Gently Shake The World–her words are as “fine” as they come.

The Painter’s Tongue 

Whitby, Cavern by Tina Mammoser

An American-born British artist, I identify very strongly with the British tradition for landscape painting while retaining a certain “midwestern” eye for landscape with flat perspective and vast open Tina Mammoserspaces.

The paintings are all about spaces of line, colour and light rather than direct landscape. I combine the changing luminous qualities near the sea with hints of the physical structures of coastal geology – cliffs, bedding and eroded rock formations – to create ethereal arrangements aspiring to the Sublime. To create a impression of something familiar yet out of reach, landscape with overwhelming sensations of light or space.”

In This Issue
Tina Mammoser  leaves things out  
• James Thatcher seizes the night
Bianca Severijns delights in paper

• Sonia Ben Achoura searches for God
 DS Art exposes the cheater
 Very Sarie shakes things up, gently
LivingLifePassionately on Monet
Street-Side convos inspires rest

Process how
• Phylosophy why
Influence who
History when

Artist’s Work (click on images to enlarge)
Cavern by Tina Mammoser
Tiger Swallowtail by Don Stewart
Levy Flight by James Thatcher
Metamorphose by Bianca Severijns
God Within by Sonia Ben Achoura



Whitby, Cavern
by Tina Mammoser





Tina Mammoser Tina Mammoser presents How to see in a modern way? Art as instance; “How contemporary artists can see objects and landscape to create abstract art.”

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Street-Side convosStreet-Side convos presents Are you feeling uninspired and stuck? How doing nothing can win you a Nobel Prize;   “Same thing with gaining inspiration or learning a new skill or being creative. Rest is a very crucial phase for inspiration to happen.”

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. . 

James ThatcherJames Thatcher Arts presents Taking It When It Happens; “Feeling like an artist again—not because of the hour (well, maybe…), not because of the results (possibly…) but because of seeing what to do and doing it.”

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Levy Flight by James Thatcher

 Levy Flight
by James Thatcher


said that out of the abundance of
the heart the mouth speaks.  I not only believe this but extend it to encompass all communication, including visual art.  I use the random techniques of the Abstract Expressionists and Surrealists to express most clearly, without literal connotations or illustration, the joi de vivre abundant within me by virtue of the Holy Spirit.  

On a technical note:  In the larger paintings I edit heavily…once in a while you nail it perfectly, but not too often.   I pile on dripped lines, heavy textural elements like leaves, grasses or bark; then scrape down and paint out all the noise to isolate the    critical lines or shapes inside the chaotic underpainting.  This experienceJames T Thatcher of discovery– its process– motivates my creative urge.  The result is always surprising, and surprise is the beginning of delight!”


Rogan-Brown-PaperArtViewBianca Severijns  presents Rogan Brown’s Paper Sculptures; “I hereby share with you some of my favorite photos of Rogan Brown’s paper sculptures, as well as the personal story behind “Kermel”, his latest work, which embraces the fascinating artistic use of paper. It will hopefully leave you, as it did me, in awe.”

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Metamorphose by Bianca Severijns


by Bianca Severijns


I’m a Dutch born, Israeli based paper artist. My art is centered on hand-craftsmanship, and my current artworks are comprised of snippets of hand-torn paper, covered with acrylic paints and reconstructed by hand. My focal points of interest have been female images in various stages of life.

bianca-workingThe chosen subject matter, multi-layering technique, innovative color-play and rich pattern design generate a uniquely complete universe of rich textures and harmonious complexity.

Amazed by the unexpected ways of paper I started a blog “Paper Art View” about the creative delights of paper artists. And with my blog supporting the recognition for paper art in our art world!”




MonetLiving Life Passionately presents Analysis of Monet’s Water Lilies; “By making his painting life size, Monet engulfs the viewer in his art and physically puts him in this work. This painting was done in oil paints but because Monet used so little paint, it looks almost like watercolors.”

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God WithinSonia Ben Achoura presents  God Within; “Whilst for some, these spiritual ‘hotspots’ in the brain generate these experiences, for others, the pinpointing of these specific areas only shows that God speaks to humans…”

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God Within by Sonia Ben Achoura Sonia Ben Achoura

Artist and psychologist Sonia Ben Achoura translates her academic explorations of mind and body into a powerful visual language. Using art as a catalyst, Sonia, also Health Psychology MSc, conveys psychological concepts and phenomena through her paintings, hence adding a scientific dimension to her art project. Cutting-edge research findings are conceptualized in her creations, covering a broad spectrum including meditation, dreams, human interaction with technology, consciousness and evolution. Stylistically, her artwork manifests in either iconic geometric patterns with a futuristic edge, or in displays of expressive outbursts of vivid colour and energetic lines. Her artwork is regularly on show at European exhibitions.

God Within
by Sonia Ben Achoura

Don Stewart KnivesDS Art  presents  Cheater; “Now and again someone would step forward to make a predictable point, indicating to the others present that this artist was cheating, abandoning the ways of the true craftsman…”

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Don Stewart takes a humorously intellectual approach to art. His use of a ballpoint pen, a holdover from his academic past, accounts for the crisp detail in his whimsical drawings; the black and white renderings come alive with hidden images and visual puns.

Stewart earned a  degree in Biology & Art from Birmingham-Southern College, where he enrolled in drawing classes as a break from his premed studies. He continued to sketch as a hobby during medical school in Birmingham, AL and throughout his surgical internship at the Mayo Clinic. After a year of resident training, the pen finally proved mightier than the scalpel, and the young doctor’s creative interests gained the upper hand. He finished his internship, earned his medical license, and promptly turned his full attention to drawing.

For the past twenty-seven years he has made his living as a self-styled Visual Humorist, hammering words and pictures together at the DS Art Studio Gallery in Birmingham. 

Tiger-Swallowtail by Don Stewart

Tiger Swallowtail
by Don Stewart 

Don Stewart



Very Sarie Very Sarie presents Gently Shake The World; “Sometimes I think it’s hard for designers and artists to know that what they are creating has value or makes the world a better place. But I’ve come to realize that I gently shake the world by adding beauty.”

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The next Edition of Speaking Of Art is scheduled for November 1, 2013. The submission deadline is October 20th.

Submit your blog article using the carnival submission form . Previous contributors are welcome. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page . Please contact me anytime if you have suggestions on ways to improve this carnival.

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