Speaking On Art #7

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C a t e g o r i e s 
OpinionQuack by Don Stewart

C o n t r i b u t i o n s
Sonia Ben Achoura
Landscape of Prediction
Paper Art View
Zarina Hashmi
Nathalie Boutté
Roopa Dudley
Three Knights In Paradise
The Sitar Player
Sujan Biswas
Tree of Life
DS Art
The Artist’s Temperament
Carole Guthrie
Playing With Fire

Welcome to this edition of Speaking on Art. Thank you to all our contributors. What inspires one to create? Many are drawn to a beautiful sunset, a pristine beach, or majestic mountains. All noble pursuits. But others are moved internally. They find inspiration in meanings and underlying forces. And they even find it in adversity.

In this issue…

We have four offerings that share the motivations intricately connected to their lives: Sonia Ben Achoura’s work represents the pervasive use of statistical insights and the always present conflict with spirituality Roopa Dudley explains how she combines inspiration with her preoccupations, and, on overcoming and moving forward Sujan Biswas finds inspiration and the root of life in trees

Paper Art View introduces two paper artists: Zarina Hashmi’s work rises above a turbulent life and Nathalie Boutté’s layered, feather-like textures

Carole Guthrie’s poetry on Jackson Pollock

Don Stewart’s insightful study of the artist, profiled


Landscape of Prediction by Sonia Ben Achoura - CopySonia Ben Achoura presents Landscape of Prediction; “Statistics are pervasive in the contemporary world. Within most disciplines, meaning is sought among vast arrays of data, aiming for generalization. The predictive power at the core of statistics is the” […]

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Three Knights In Paradise by Roopa DudleyRoopa Dudley presents Three Knights in Paradise; “I was looking at some beautiful coral reefs on the internet and to me it looked like an under water paradise. So an idea popped up and I decided to go with the flow. I like to play with words” […]

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The Sitar Player by Roopa DudleyThe Sitar Player; “When I was in Pakistan back in mid 1980’s, I saw on one of the covers of National Geographics a beautiful photo of a famous Pakistani Singer named Tahira Sayyed. I was so excited and impressed with the idea that people of the Western” […]

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Tree of LifeSujan Biswas presents Tree of Life; “A part from the critical contribution living tree’s make to our atmosphere,I also love the nation of tree as metaphore for all life and our world,with the tiniest and bud on a twiglet being irrevocably connected to the trunk” […]

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Paper Art View presents Zarina Hashmi; “I feel true admiration for the 76 year old Indian-born New York based paper artist Zarina Hashmi, who prefers to be referred to simply by her first name. Paper has been Zarina’s primary medium both as a surface […]

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Nathalie Boutté; “The thriving world of paper art and all the rich and diverse creative art works that paper artists create across the globe are truly exciting and amaze me daily! As a paper artist, I feel connected with those who use paper as their premium medium and work” […]

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After Matisse by Carole Guthrie 2Carole Guthrie presents Playing With Fire; “The grace of the gesture, the fluid movement, through his thoughtful universe, discovery, Through painting method. A concentrated effort of choreography, His body moving back and forth” […]

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Quack by Don StewartDS Art presents The Artist’s Temperament; “Are We Crazy? Probably. But that’s no excuse. We’ve all heard the phrase “The Artist’s Temperament”, and we know what it means: A fringe group of self-absorbed, opinionated, dysfunctional…” […]

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