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Speaking On Art is evolving, developing it’s own identity apart from The Painter’s Tongue, but is still warmly connected and anticipated. I personally look forward to what will appear in my email for inclusion in the next issue.

Offerings for this issue of Speaking On Art dot widely the artistic landscape. Here for your perusal: Ivan Tirado connects with his art, Lilith Ohan presents new interpretations from the east, James Thatcher shares his personal experience of being a human artist, J’net Smith reveals the fine-print of agent agreements, Bianca Severijns stitches in time, and paper, Susan Holland starts from humble beginnings, Don Rankin returns to his roots, Roopa Dudley embraces the spirit of generosity, and Damon Powell seeks the spiritual in his art.

In addition, new contributors are highlighted with a short bio or statement below the excerpt.

Penguins by Lilith Ohan

Penguins by Lilith Ohan

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Embroidery In Paper Art by Bianca Severijns

Embroidery In Paper Art by Bianca Severijns

C a t e g o r i e s Philosophy Struggle Licensing Technique Process Opinion Sprituality

C o n t r i b u t i o n s A Tale Of Two Sculptures Ivan Tirado Thoughts On Originality Lilith Ohan Extenuating Circumstances And Life James Thatcher 16 Art Licensing Agent Agreement Essentials – Reprise All Art Licensing Embroidery In Paper Art Paper Art View What’s In Your Hand? Susan Holland’s Art Studio Letter Enjoying A New Paper Don Rankin Why Most Artists Lack Generosity Of Spirit Roopa Dudley Meditatio: A Visual Meditation Damon Powell


A Tale Of Two SculpturesIvan Tirado presents A Tale Of Two Sculptures; “Last year during one of my shows, I observed a lady coming in to look at the artwork as I was talking to someone else. After looking at all the sculptures, she came back to Abased. She stood there for a while. Then she moved towards Freedom and stood there for a while. She went back to Abased, then back to Freedom. I observed while this continued for several minutes…”

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Ivan Tirado

Dr. Iván Tirado-Cordero was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and currently resides in Milford, CT. He holds degrees in Humanities in Liberal Arts and Instructional Technology and his Ph.D. is in Education in Instructional Design. You can find his artwork in the books International Contemporary Masters VI (2012), Important World Artists (2013), and in his collaborative book The Art Of Ivan Tirado.

Dr. Tirado is a permanent artist at The Gallery At Elemar in New Haven, CT. He is available for commissions, sculpting parties, private lessons, workshops, and public speaking.

“I am inspired by the fluidity, dynamism, and power of the human body. I experiment with techniques and media that allow me to portray the figure in its balance between vivacity, emotion, strength, and sensibility. I aim to provide each piece with its own soul, a life, and a story to tell on its own.”                Dr. Ivan Tirado

Thoughts On OriginalityLilith Ohan presents Thoughts On Originality; “What is originality or original art? I think there is nothing new. There are only new interpretations of already existing concepts and those interpretations define the authenticity or uniqueness of the expression…”

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Lilith Ohan

“I am a Sumi-e, artist and teacher with Art and Science degrees.

My life is inspired by oriental philosophies such as Taoism and Zen Buddhism. My paintings and drawings are influenced by their teachings. In my art I aspire to render the spirit or chi, rather than the resemblance to the subject matter. As my life progresses, I continue to reveal more and more parallels between my art work, Tai Chi (which I practice regularly), and life itself.”  Lilith Ohan


Extenuating Circumstances And LifeJames Thatcher presents Extenuating Circumstances and Life; “I once had an 8 year long break between artworks.  I’ve also had stretches of sporadic art production, grinding out stuff as I’ve been able to cram it into spare time, doing maybe a dozen measly, incoherent pieces in a year; year after year…”

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16 Art Licensing Agent Agreement Essentials – RepriseAll Art Licensing presents 16 Art Licensing Agent Agreement Essentials – Reprise; “Growing revenue is always high on the artist priority list, so perhaps learning more about licensing or finding a talented licensing agent is top of your goals for expanding your art-based business. Here are 16 critical items to include in your agent agreement. And, even if you don’t have an agent to sign with yet, this article will get you thinking about the key elements necessary to build a good contract and relationship with any type of agent (art rep, literary agent, etc.)…”

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Embroidery In Paper ArtPaper Art View presents Embroidery In Paper Art; “In recent years, there has been a movement towards handcraft in the art and design world. We harbor a desire to reacquaint ourselves with workmanship and traditional labor intensive techniques. As a result, a new generation of artists is using hand stitch embroidery techniques to create entire artworks, some combining it with different mediums…”

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What's In Your Hand?Susan Holland’s Art Studio Letter presents What’s In Your Hand?; “Well, it looks like …stuff..  Usually one starts out with “stuff.”  Very often I start off with a stick of wood, like Moses did when he asked God what he would use to lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt.  A humble rod was a powerful thing, it turned out.  Powerful for good, and also powerful for wrong uses…”

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Enjoying A New PaperDon Rankin presents Enjoying A New Paper; “The paper is not really new.  In fact Twin Rocker has been around for quite a while. It is an American hand made paper and you can order on line. A few months back I was posting about various challenges some of my students were having with paper.  If you paint you know some of the stories.  Some painters will shy away from hand made paper because they either fear the price or they are troubled about quality.  As a lover of paper I am always looking for great paper.  I purchased a few sheets of Twin Rocker along with a French hand made that I will feature later…”

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Don Rankin
Don Rankin was one of the youngest artists to be included in Who’s Who in American Art. His work has been featured in American Artist magazine, The New York Art Review and Northlight  magazine as well as other regional and national publications. He is the author of Mastering Glazing Techniques in Watercolor, Painting From Sketches, Photographs and the Imagination and, Answers to 50 of the Most  Often Asked Questions About Watercolor Glazing Techniques.


Why Most Artists Lack Generosity Of SpiritRoopa Dudley presents Why Most Artists Lack Generosity Of Spirit; “Have you ever noticed that Artists seldom recommend to their Art Collectors the art of another Artist whose art may also be enjoyed by the same Collector? Even worse, they try to demean/devalue the work of a thriving or successful artist any chance they get so that they can lift themselves up (thinking that nobody will notice what they are actually trying to do)…

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Meditatio: A Visual MeditationDamon Powell presents Meditatio: A Visual Meditation; “I have been incorporating various forms of meditation into my spiritual tool box since the mid 1990’s…The inspiration for this image came about as a direct result of my meditation practice. The focus of that particular morning was upon maintaining my awareness of the inner and outer dimensions of my experience simultaneously…”

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Damon PowellDamon Powell is a Visual Artist and Constructive Theologian whose talents are directed toward the intersection of art and spirituality. Dr. Powell received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute, his Master of Divinity from Payne Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the Graduate Theological Union. He began his career as a professional illustrator and freelance artist, however, after entering into ministry his theological studies helped him to understand that his visual artistry was an integral part of his vocation and ongoing spiritual practice. Original works and high quality prints are available for purchase as well as commissions, speaking engagements, classes and workshops, research collaborations, academic research and writing.

“My creations are based upon insights gained through my research of theological and philosophical texts which I give visual expression through the use of color, line, and symbol.” Damon Powell

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MT McClanahan

An artist and perpetual thinker, MT McClanahan finds inspiration through connecting ideas across a broad range of topics. He especially enjoys philosophy and how art and life interconnect. He is the founder of TPT and his paintings can be seen at mtmcclanahan.com.

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