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Welcome to this 2nd edition of Speaking of Art. Thank you to all of our contributors–we seem to be growing!  

I think it can be readily said that there is something here for everyone (or at least for most) which is the vision of this carnival. I hope it succeeds in garnering much traffic and discussion on the respective sites.

Each link will open in a new browser window so you can easily find your way back and forth, from this home page to the blogs that interest you. If you are so inclined, don’t forget to comment while you’re on another site and carry the discussion, and worth of this carnival, to newer and greater heights.

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C A T E G O R I E SBlue Bells by Sujan Biswas

reviews and such  
creative offerings 
historical diggings 
Art Practice
the business side  
finding truth 

I N  T H I S  I S S U E

3 Pipe Problem delves deep into Raphael’s “Madonna of the Goldfinch”  • All Art Licensing on starting an art licensing business • Art Smart Talk and Rag & Koan debunk “Outsider” and “Pretentious” labels, respectively  • Carole Guthrie muses on Kandinsky  • Ellen Elizabeth Stone discusses John Berger    , weighs Public Art and looks deeper at Cindy Sherman James Thatcher Arts    advises on Crowdfunding • Pa Ul opines on online galleries  • Sex Will Save Us intrigues with “Art” • Speaking Tree    introduces artist Sujan Biswas  •    The Mobius Strip piques our paranoia with the subliminal • The Way of the Flower teaches us a good lesson  • We Travel & Blog finds beauty in the mushroom

I N F L U E N C E S 

Musing on Kandinsky’s Point and Line to Plane Carole Guthrie presents Musing on Kandinsky’s Point and Line to Plane ; “Kandinsky influenced me through his art and his writings. “Concerning the Spiritual in Art” was an inspiration to me as a painter.”

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Discussing "Ways of Seeing"Ellen Elizabeth Stone presents
Discussing “Ways of Seeing”    ; “Berger deals with the enormous impact of publicity, image saturation, television, reproduction, the illusion of free choice, principles of capitalism, and a discussion of gender and ethnicity: what in this list is can be said to no longer be relevant to us today?”

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The Sad Sex Object: Cindy Sherman’s Photographic Response to the “Playboy” Centrefold

The Sad Sex Object: Cindy Sherman’s Photographic Response to the “Playboy” Centrefold    ; “Sherman’s work is a clear reaction and criticism of the way popular culture objectifies and, in many ways, violates women. By deconstructing the nature of the centrefold she makes an attack on what feminist writer Marylin French calls ‘rape with [male] eyes’”

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Sujan BiswasSpeaking Tree
presents Symbol Of Life; “Artist Sujan Biswas has made the world of Nature the leitmotif of his art creations. In his works one can almost breathe the freshness of trees, their close relationship with the people who inhabit his canvas, not as individuals but as a part of the arboreal world…”

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E X P R E S S I O N S 

Outsider Art: Outside What?Art Smart Talk presents Outsider Art: Outside What? ;    “Does the labeling of art as ‘Outsider’ say more about the artist or the labeler? This post explores ideas about perception and meaning, and creativity and

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ArtSex Will Save Us presents Art ;    “The daily blurbs of a girl living in the new found world of LA. I struggle with our societies obsession with sex and how it translates into every aspect of our lives. I strive to create awareness through visual art, music and writings.

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Subliminal Messages: Beautiful/Ugly and Quit/Start Smoking The Mobius Strip presents Subliminal Messages: Beautiful/Ugly and Quit/Start Smoking ; “This is my attempt to make artwork containing conflicting subliminal messages.”

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Oh Damn! Columbine: Lessons of a Beginner’s mind The Way of the Flower  presents Oh Damn! Columbine: Lessons of a Beginner’s mind    ; “Columbines!  Spikey, angular, and oddly shaped, I looked glumly and in the space of a moment or two the thought arose: “I hate Columbines…I laughed as I perceived the judging mind at work throwing up impossible conditions and expectations that if believed, would make it impossible to appreciate much less have any fun photographing Columbines.


The World of Mushrooms - Photo Essay We Travel & Blog  presents  The World of Mushrooms – Photo Essay ; “I love photographing nature, but when you look at it by simply standing, you get the perspective of nature that everyone else sees. Lay down on the floor to photograph your subject and you get submersed into the life of your subject.”

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   E X C A V A T I O N S      

3 Pipe Problem presents
The Divine Rebirth of Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch 

The Divine Rebirth of Raphael's Madonna of the Goldfinch  “A complete case study of Raphael’s famous “Madonna of the Goldfinch” – a painting which has been broken into 17 pieces in a 1547 landslide and now is the central work in the Uffizi’s collection of works by Raphael. The case study outlines the works complete history and provenance, as well as iconographical nuances not previously included in existing scholarly literature.”

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A R T  P R A C T I C E

20 Rules For Starting Your Art Licensing Business All Art Licensing presents 20 Rules For Starting Your Art Licensing Business ; “The business of art and how to create income from your talents is an ongoing, and incredibly important topic. I wrote a very informative blog series titled ’20 Rules for Starting Your Art Licensing Business.’ For anyone considering licensing their art, fine art, graphics, photography, cartoons and more…I highly suggest reading all the posts. It will save you a lot of time and money.”

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Tips for Launching a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign James Thatcher Arts presents    Tips for Launching a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign at Artsy Shark; Crowd Funding will work for you!

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Artists Must Join Online Galleries Pa Ul presents Artists Must Join Online Galleries    ; “One of the simplest ways to be famous is through online galleries. In order to gain fame, an artist should give.”

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P H I L O S O P H Y 

Creator, Context, Community: Negotiating Meaning in Public Art Ellen Elizabeth Stone presents Creator, Context, Community: Negotiating Meaning in Public Art ;    “Public artworks are complex and difficult texts to read. Their values and purposes being so specific to the person viewing them and yet inherently communal and social due to the visibility of the works, their meaning is a constant flux.”

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Rag and KoanRag & Koan presents Art and The Pretense of Pretense : 5 Views ; “I have a secret for all viewers of art out there:  the artist is not smarter than you!  If you can deeply believe that (and you should) then you can approach any artwork openly and ready to experience what it has to offer.  Enter art through who you are and what you know and you will find a shared humanity.”

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MT McClanahan

An artist and perpetual thinker, MT McClanahan finds inspiration through connecting ideas across a broad range of topics. He especially enjoys philosophy and how art and life interconnect. He is the founder of TPT and his paintings can be seen at mtmcclanahan.com.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    Thank you for having us on your Carnival! We hope to bring more interesting articles your way =)

  2. MT says:

    Thank you Gabriel for your photo essay on mushrooms! I appreciate your interest in this carnival and look forward to what you might be photographing next.

    And thanks to all the contributors. The next issue will showcase more of the work from specific artists. I look forward to receiving your posts.

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