Guest Post Authors

Carole Guthrie  
Painting for me is a sensuous encounter with brush into paint, paint on canvas, finding the way to completion and unity. Composition is bound on canvas with each color and shape integral to the work. When all is working, the painting pleases the eye like a Chopin etude pleases the ear. One false note and the symphony has no harmony.

Suzy Southerton  
I was born in Aldershot, Hants, but grew up in Germany as my Dad was in the Army. Married with two children, I've moved around a lot with the family as my husband is also in the Armed Forces. Army life is sometimes demanding--but it also informs my work. Between living in Germany, Ireland and England I've realized a dream and completed a degree in Fine Art. Being an oil painter was all I ever wanted to do.

Jennifer Lambert  
Contemporary quilling artist Jennifer A. Lambert is passionate about light and color. She works with fabric and paper to create pieces that celebrate both to their fullest.

Lilith Ohan  
I am a Sumi-e, artist and teacher with Art and Science degrees. My life is inspired by oriental philosophies such as Taoism and Zen Buddhism, and my paintings and drawings are influenced by their teachings. In my Sumi-e paintings my pursuit is to render the spirit or chi in the subject matter rather than creating resemblances.

Judy Hintz Cox  
When I struggle with needing to create but wondering how, I'm aware that art and life are the same. Art like life consists of choices which are the result of thought. My abstract paintings reveal inner thoughts of my mind. My thoughts bounce from negative to positive and back. The gamut of thought plays out on my canvases. The meaning of my work is what the viewer believes. I have no great truths, only expressions.

Elena Roush  
I play with transitions between smooth and rich textures and create my own approach using a variety of tools from the thinnest brushes to palette knives. If the subjects are very textured, I create similar textures on canvas to bring them to life. Using a thin brush I show the tiniest details that you never get bored of looking at. Life is about happiness and I try to create happy pieces of art that reflect the bright world around us.

Sonia Ben Achoura  
Artist and psychologist Sonia Ben Achoura translates her academic explorations of mind and body into powerful visual language--artwork that conveys psychological concepts and phenomena, hence a scientific dimension. Historic and cutting-edge research findings are conceptualized in her creations, covering meditation, dreams, human interaction with technology, consciousness, well-being and evolution.

Roopa Dudley  
Roopa is an American artist whose paintings appeal visually and intellectually. The purpose of her art is to bring as much pleasure to the viewer as she experienced creating it. Each painting takes much time, courage, heart, effort and discipline. Roopa interviews artists for her blog, and writes about art, books and magazines, and related subjects she finds "delightful and of significance."