The Art Of Life: My Acrylic Choices

White Rhythm #1 by C. Guthrie

Republished from Dec. 2013

"You have to change to stay the same." Wm. deKooning

My Acrylic Choices

After being nurtured in the womb,
upon re-entry into this life,
my freedom to choose begins,
the long path of years lays before me.

I am an empty canvas, white and pure as cumulous clouds.
What strokes I take are as predetermined as my choice of mothers.

I crawl to canvas and hesitate,
I seize a wide brush,
and splash cerulean blue for serenity.

I am clumsy and fall.
I am a beginner at living.
As I grow, I walk to the faint blue canvas
cover it with the light purple wash of First Communion.

The rectangle of my life takes shape as I mature.

White Rhythm #1 by C. Guthrie

I splash red in the center.
An ego assertion?
Arguments and passion preside,
the dark geometry in Payne's grey and
burnt sienna are fear, fear of the unknown,
but I leap to experience what frightens me.

A bold flat stroke screams energy in diagonals.
There is a rhythm to the order.
The overwhelming black shape at the bottom is
the dark angel of death and grief.

Older now, I step back from the canvas of my life.
It's not finished, but it is taking a shape.
There's a unity of choices in the composition.
As I continue on, a work in progress,
who knows what colors will appear?

Perhaps as at the beginning I shall cover the canvas with white
as textured choices emerge as purified and whole,
and healing through the journey.

Carole Guthrie, 2013

Carole Guthrie

  Painting for me is a sensuous encounter with brush into paint, paint on canvas, finding the way to completion and unity. Composition is bound on canvas with each color and shape integral to the work. When all is working, the painting pleases the eye like a Chopin etude pleases the ear. One false note and the symphony has no harmony.

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5 Responses

  1. I noticed that if you read the last word of each line, they almost become a poem by themselves, depending on how you break them up. Is this something you think about when you write? Very moving poem and image.

    • How interesting you noticed this. I am going to have to read my poem again. No, I don’t think I ever purposely have this intent. Thank you for your fine Blog and posting my work.

  2. Carole, I love this log of a journey with your brushes and palette. The painting becomes an entity with energy and will in dialog with you the painter. And your abstract is a poem as well.
    I admire your mastery of word and of acrylic paint!

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