Process Of Painting/Healing: A Poem By Carole Guthrie

I listen to music when I paint sometimes,
believing the mood will cover the canvas.
When the Scottish music plays,
I think of heather, and the Royal
botanical gardens of Edinburgh, the city
that lies beneath a castle.

Conversation by Carole Guthrie

Conversation by Carole Guthrie

That's when the brush gets dipped into sap green
and cobalt blue, and the vacant space of the white canvas
is filled with oozing wet acrylics,
waiting for a composition.

When I place the color, form takes over and I can
see the mists rising in the glens and the pipers
emerging in a plaid row.

And the painting houses the reality in its abstract forms.

Sometimes I read poetry before I paint.
If I read Plath, it's going to be a dark canvas
with small hints of light between the acra red geometry and shadows.

At times I feel I can almost melt into the canvas,
when the music and the poetry
become the canvas.

And that's all that matters.
And I am healed.

Carole Guthrie, 2013

Carole Guthrie

  Painting for me is a sensuous encounter with brush into paint, paint on canvas, finding the way to completion and unity. Composition is bound on canvas with each color and shape integral to the work. When all is working, the painting pleases the eye like a Chopin etude pleases the ear. One false note and the symphony has no harmony.

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    • I thought it a powerful display of emotion myself Roopa. I’m not particularly versed in abstracts but I enjoy them in general and Carole’s was affecting when I first looked at it. Thanks for the comment.

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