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The Art Of Life: My Acrylic Choices

After being nurtured in the womb, upon re-entry into this life, my freedom to choose begins, the long path of years lays before me. I am an empty canvas, white and pure as cumulous clouds. What strokes I take are as pre-determined as my choice of mothers. I crawl to canvas and hesitate, I seize a wide brush, and splash cerulean blue for serenity […]


Rod And I: Love, Art And Trains

When Rod first discovered he had ALS, he noticed a weakness in his right arm, his painting arm, naturally. He was quite brave and didn’t let the weakness slow him down. He painted some monumental acrylic canvases. One showed him as a self-portrait nude with a machine gun in his hand […]


Illuminating An Old Art Form: Quilling Has A New Light

Almost all of my quilled pieces, including jewelry, resemble stain glass when placed in front of natural or artificial lighting. There is no evidence that the founders (or even current practitioners) of this art were aware of its illuminating properties. This lack of evidence could be due to the type of paper used in the creations […]


Digital Icon: A Portrait Of The New Evolution

Now is the critical time when, as a species, our evolution falls into our own hands. Digital Icon faces the future in a novel context, a pixelated universe. This painting is one in a series. Imagery that emerges from new psyches, at a time when several stages of human evolution overlap […]


Titles: How Important Are They?

I think it’s fun to look at a finished work and see things I never planned but that seem to appear within the framework of the abstract. After a work is finished, I often see referential objects in my otherwise abstract paintings […]