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Speaking On Art #3

Welcome to this edition of Speaking on Art. Thank you to our splendid contributors. We can learn more about an artist’s work straight from his own mouth than we can from the critics. In this issue we have highlighted artist’s work and included a statement from each. In this issue: • Seeing in a modern way Win a Nobel Prize Feeling like an artist Rogan Brown’s paper sculptures Monet’s Water Lilies Finding God Within Cheating Gently shake the world […]


Speaking On Art #2

Welcome to this 2nd edition of Speaking of Art. Thank you to all of our contributors–we seem to be growing!  I think it can be readily said that there is something here for everyone. In this issue • Raphael’s “Madonna of the Goldfinch”  • Art licensing business • Outsider art • Pretentious labels • Kandinsky • John Berger • Public Art • Cindy Sherman • Crowdfunding • Online galleries  • Art poetry • Artist Sujan Biswas  •  The subliminal • Columbines • Beauty in mushrooms […]


Speaking On Art #1

Welcome to the very first edition of Speaking of Art. Thank you to all who contributed. In this edition • The Mobius Strip personifies chat abbreviations • Art in Limbo  on the current exhibit of Bill Brandt photography • James Thatcher offers three–insight on the influence of Andy Warhol, “realization” of Barnett Newman’s Broken Obelisk and, his method of utilizing stencils in his work • Pa Ul shares his art and very personal insight on lost love […]