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The Advancing Artist: Make War Not Art

Be ravenous! Doing art requires that I not be a spectator, watching the thick , black residue of quiet effort drip from my uncallused hands, but a warrior, wielding saber on the field of battle, on the field of discovery […]


The Give And Take Of Critiques

It can hurt to hear that, just maybe, you’re not as “good” as you had hoped you were; and this can be our first interpretation of any criticism. But, like many struggles in life, adversity can be a positive step to greater things […]


Bad Artists Compliment One Another

I can’t remember who said it–“bad artists compliment one another”–but when I first read this quote it worried me. I immediately scoured my brain for past niceties I may have lavished upon fellow artists. I asked myself, “Have I ever complimented someone? Does that mean I’m a ‘bad’ artist? Is this the litmus test to judge myself by?”


Are You Good Enough To Call Yourself An Artist?

For so long this was the question that haunted me. If it wasn’t foremost in my thoughts it was always just below scratching at my esteem. It was like a ball and chain around my leg, holding me, whispering to me “don’t do it, don’t try, it’s no use”


Fixations And Admirations

Sometimes a painting captivates me to the point that the power of it stays with me afterwards, and certain of it’s characteristics find their way into my work. I’m not sure if I should see this as a setback or as part of the process of moving forward. I find myself trying not to paint like what I saw, saying to myself that I don’t want to be like someone else.


The Most Important Step

The answer (or at least in my opinion the answer) to this question will completely change the way you look at your art. It will take away all your cares and worries and put in proper perspective your art and your life. That’s a big pronouncement but it has made all the difference to me.


Drawing Lines

We draw many lines in life–make many choices and judgments–in significant areas like religion or politics, and in those less far-reaching, as in what to eat, what to wear…We work, we imitate, we study, we work some more and then some more, and gradually we see something unique emerge from ourselves. The journey is to find ourselves […]


The Second “Now What?”

Steve was rejected by a gallery. In hopes of representation he showed them his work but, for whatever reason, they did not accept.  Now what? Rejection is devastating. It seeps deep to the bone and festers, questioning everything. But Steve seemed ahead of the curve–quickly moved beyond the common, reactionary introspections (if he was ever there) that rejection can bring, namely, “what am I doing?”, “where am I going?”, and even “who am I?” […]


The Things People Say

There are certain things I hear people say–words in conversation, maybe just in passing, or things overheard–that stay with me. They seem kind of important at the time but really present themselves later on, in my thoughts, when I seem to need them most


Theory Of Forced Results

This is a constant battle for me–to be at the place of not forcing results; it requires confidence. A sly boxer, though weaker physically than his opponent, can be wily enough to cause frustration in a larger, stronger adversary, making him strain to connect with a winning blow. The straining, though, works against him […]