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It hit me last night, that if you hold to the idea of left/right brain differences, most of life’s responsibilities are primarily left brain activities—and I find it difficult sometimes to make that transition over to my creative/feeling side. I remember starting this portrait of Hannah, painting and drawing with my brush and paint, and the first several attempts were just bad drawing—I was really struggling.. After a while the piece suddenly came flowing onto the canvas


Work: The Art Of Discipline

I think we lose discipline when in our minds our art becomes less important than other things. Art in many circles is seen as frivolity but we know better–it’s tied to who we are. It’s hard but, as they say, most things worthwhile are. It’s difficult being in a brain-muck and from living and reading it seems we all get there now and then. But work seems to be the answer to most, if not all, of the questions we may stumble upon […]