Author: MT McClanahan


Painting: The Work’s The Thing

The real struggle begins when I put brushes down until that moment when I can force myself to pick them up again. Paradoxical I guess that the thing that gives me the most fulfillment can be the most difficult to begin[…]


Adaptation: Evolution Of A Creation

My recent painting, Crescent Path, is a case-in-point, that in the process of painting, one must be able to adjust and change to the ever developing image. The excitement for this piece began with the dynamic shape of a crescent, formed by the swooping path, evident from my angle-of-view to the scene. Close to completion I discovered an area that needed to be painted out and revised, i.e., I adapted to the composition […]


Simplification: Boldness In Composition

Simplification is a consideration for the composition as a whole. The implied reality is more dynamic than rendering with much detail. It expresses boldness and power. The finished piece boasts of its visual strength with large shapes of color and fierce construction of form […]


The Laughing Christ: Inspiration Through Tradition

The description next to the painting read in part… On Sunday morning in January of 1975, Father Stewart did not come to conduct services at his Melbourne Beach, Florida church. He had a serious brain-stem stroke and doctors could give little encouragement for his recovery. Prayer vigils were set up near...


Speaking On Art #13

IN THIS EDITION OF SOA . . . Dr. Ivan Tirado – Too Old To Dream, Iris Mes-Low – Provenance, All Art Licensing – Are You An Artrepreneur, DS Art – You Can’t Do That, James Thatcher – Incidental Discoveries are Crucial, Terry Miura – Some (Fairly) Recent Black and White Figures […]


Quiz: Who Said What? #101

Ten quotes from famous artists to test your knowledge. You don’t have to remember who said what if you can draw (pardon the pun) clues from within each quote to match up with the artist’s style/genre, the particular period they lived or the art movement they were involved […]