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I was talking once to a very knowledgeable person on the subject, and she told me there were two kinds of people, thinkers and doers. And, she concluded, I was unquestionably a thinker.

My name is M.T.McClanahan. I’m an artist/painter and, alas, a perpetual thinker. I am also the founder and editor of The Painter’s Tongue. The more I travel this life the
more I realize just how correct my friend was. I do seem to live in the realm of possibilities and potentialities. I find inspiration through connecting ideas across a broad range of topics.

Art is a naturally, deeply psychological endeavor, and I enjoy discussing and thinking on the meanings of things. And I know that I have many more questions than answers. The Painter’s Tongue is my “thinking out loud” if you will, a searching out for meaning.


Guest Author

The Painter’s Tongue
TPT’s foremost goal is to bring like-minded individuals together for a meaningful exchange of ideas.The Painter’s Tongue is a visual arts journal with an emphasis on philosophy and a focus on the artist’s own words. TPT is comprised of all forms of articles on the visual arts and welcomes Guest Authors. TPT also hosts Speaking on Art, an offering of article excerpts, linking to the author’s respective sites, from around the World Wide Web.


Speaking On Art

I  invite you to share your opinions by commenting on articles and by submitting your own for inclusion in Speaking On Art or as a Guest Author. Any related topic is welcome and anyone, regardless of background, profession, or experience, is encouraged to participate.

Welcome, and thank you for reading.

4 Responses

  1. Im so glad i found this blog! so interesting!

  2. roopadudley says:

    I do agree with the lady’s comment about you. But what good is thinking and observing without implementing those thoughts, observations and ideas with a twist? One can think the profoundest thoughts but putting them on the canvas is the hard part. Bearing your soul is the hard part. Having the courage to take a risk of looking stupid is a hard part. So are you willing to come out of the shadows of being a thinker and sharing your observations, ideas and obsessions on the canvas Marcus? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-iJbvAhd90

  3. You’re talking about honesty Roopa and putting words out there is part of that too. Is being a thinker about staying in the shadows? Never thought about that. Maybe, possibly it is. It is safe to be in one’s head.

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