Monthly Archive: December 2014


Illuminating An Old Art Form: Quilling Has A New Light

Almost all of my quilled pieces, including jewelry, resemble stain glass when placed in front of natural or artificial lighting. There is no evidence that the founders (or even current practitioners) of this art were aware of its illuminating properties. This lack of evidence could be due to the type of paper used in the creations […]

Should I Continue

“Try your painting out for value by taking a digital image, and then, in a paint program of your choice, adjust the colors to grey tones. Black and white, etc. will tell you how your values are holding up, and also teach you how values differ between each color.”


Digital Icon: A Portrait Of The New Evolution

Now is the critical time when, as a species, our evolution falls into our own hands. Digital Icon faces the future in a novel context, a pixelated universe. This painting is one in a series. Imagery that emerges from new psyches, at a time when several stages of human evolution overlap […]


Speaking On Art #12

Speaking On Art is evolving, developing it’s own identity apart from The Painter’s Tongue, but is still warmly connected and anticipated. I personally look forward to what will appear in my email for inclusion in the next issue […]

The Art Of Meaning

“Meaning is only meaningful to the person creating or receiving. A painter should never look for meaning as it will elude him/her. A bit like happiness. Happiness will find you, but not if you go looking for it. Looking for meaning before actually creating could easily take away the joy…”


The Art Of Meaning: The Elusive Why

The way to meaning is by process–doing over and over again. And deep down I think that the meaning will never be precise, it will always be developing, will always be in motion. Key to producing is in the realization that what I am doing is important, has meaning, before I even know what that meaning is […]