Monthly Archive: September 2014

Make War Not Art

“I have begun to recognize that an artist stakes his(her) life on the work. The work at hand is transformation and the will, courage, skill, and daring it takes to do that. In very real terms, the actions an artist takes (in) paint are as irreversible as actions taken on...


Experience: To See Or To Feel

My recent painting got me thinking about what it is I’m trying to do with my art. These thoughts lead me to the conclusion that what I am really trying to do, with images on canvas, is represent feelings–feelings about the subject, about the look of the subject, and most of all, about what this image evokes inside of me […]


Titles: How Important Are They?

I think it’s fun to look at a finished work and see things I never planned but that seem to appear within the framework of the abstract. After a work is finished, I often see referential objects in my otherwise abstract paintings […]