Monthly Archive: February 2014


Are You Good Enough To Call Yourself An Artist?

For so long this was the question that haunted me. If it wasn’t foremost in my thoughts it was always just below scratching at my esteem. It was like a ball and chain around my leg, holding me, whispering to me “don’t do it, don’t try, it’s no use”


Fixations And Admirations

Sometimes a painting captivates me to the point that the power of it stays with me afterwards, and certain of it’s characteristics find their way into my work. I’m not sure if I should see this as a setback or as part of the process of moving forward. I find myself trying not to paint like what I saw, saying to myself that I don’t want to be like someone else.


Poll: Are You Ever Satisfied?

Can you say that you are ever truly satisfied with your work? Are there times when you feel you’ve created something remarkable? Or are you always dissatisfied and searching to do better? […]


Speaking On Art #7

Welcome to this edition of Speaking on Art. Thank you to all our contributors. What inspires one to create? Many are drawn to a beautiful sunset, a pristine beach, or majestic mountains. All noble pursuits. But others are moved internally. They find inspiration in meanings and underlying forces. And they even find it in adversity >[…]