Monthly Archive: December 2013


Speaking On Art #6

Welcome to the 6th edition of Speaking on Art. Thank you to our contributors. There is much to celebrate here in this blog carnival issue. We have again stayed true to our aim of a varied, quality offering of informative topics on the visual arts. In this issue…Paper Art View presents two amazing artists that work in paper, and offers a look at the 2013 Israeli Paper Art Exhibition New York Collector offers a look at a versatile book on the Abstract Expressionists Pa Ul presents Karen Kesteloot’s 5 principles for acceptance into the best schools of art Iris Low presents magnificent women artists […]


Process Of Painting/Healing: A Poem By Carole Guthrie

I listen to music when I paint sometimes, believing the mood will cover the canvas. When the Scottish music plays, I think of heather, and the Royal botanical gardens of Edinburgh, the city that lies beneath a castle. That’s when the brush gets dipped into sap green and cobalt blue, and the vacant space of the white canvas is filled with oozing wet acrylics


Speaking On Art #5

Welcome to this 5th edition of Speaking on Art. Thank you to our contributors. There is a distinct theme running through this months issue of Speaking on Art–that being one of “perception”–and it raises many questions for the artist. How do we see works of art? What is beauty in art? Is beauty even attainable or worth striving for? What “should” art be? Questions worth pondering yet possibly as unanswerable as the proverbial “What is Art?” […]