Monthly Archive: November 2013


I See Through Myself

Why does something as seemingly benign as a form of art have an effect on man much in the same way a religious belief would? Why does it raise in people such intense enmity against one another…I dig to the very core of my reactions and there I find a basis from which I judge all things. How can I not react violently to something I see as possibly catastrophic to my most inner self? If my foundation is removed then isn’t the very meaning of my existence removed also […] 


Speaking On Art #4

Welcome to this edition of Speaking on Art. Thank you to our contributors and thank you for joining us. I am honored each month to present these amazing artists to the world to see and appreciate as I do. This edition of SOA is no exception. In this issue • James Thatcher creates large-scale abstracts (video) • Sonia Ben Achoura on nurture vs. nature • Art In Limbo on Garth Evans • Roopa Dudley shares her inner self • Operator’s Manual sings praise • Roopa Dudley on Jeff Faust […]