Monthly Archive: October 2013


Drawing Lines

We draw many lines in life–make many choices and judgments–in significant areas like religion or politics, and in those less far-reaching, as in what to eat, what to wear…We work, we imitate, we study, we work some more and then some more, and gradually we see something unique emerge from ourselves. The journey is to find ourselves […]


Art Of Interpretation

It is a paradox of sorts, that motion in a painting is achieved, not by showing something moving, but by showing the feel of the movement. But there seems more than that also—to breath life into a composition is apart from showing mere movement—and both are vital to me. Even a normally static thing, like a house or tree, can be demonstrated to have “life”, or reality, beyond the two dimensional canvas, by the life of the brush stroke […]


Speaking On Art #3

Welcome to this edition of Speaking on Art. Thank you to our splendid contributors. We can learn more about an artist’s work straight from his own mouth than we can from the critics. In this issue we have highlighted artist’s work and included a statement from each. In this issue: • Seeing in a modern way Win a Nobel Prize Feeling like an artist Rogan Brown’s paper sculptures Monet’s Water Lilies Finding God Within Cheating Gently shake the world […]