Monthly Archive: May 2013


*Original* Sin

Interesting what the writer, Stephen King, said, that “you learn to write from reading.” Seeing all the arts as parallel I’m reminded of Goldstein’s advise, to look at great works of art and to study nature (he also said to draw continuously). Many artists have espoused the importance of using nature as instructor […]



It’s more and more apparent to me the importance of logical, analytical thought as part of the process of doing art. Hard won skills and knowledge come only from the practical—practical exercise of one’s faculties and the systematic thought necessary in practice, practice and more practice. But this is not about practice I don’t believe…I see that I mustn’t only react intuitively, I must use all my cognitive faculty. This goes for art in general and for each specific work […]


The Real Vision

There is joy in the act of creating and there is joy in the creation but I feel there is a desire, of varying degrees depending on the artist, to express something more, something weighing on the soul. This “something more” supersedes joy and hovers in the realm of need […]



How does one muster the wherewithal to work in the midst of great adversity? Years ago, when my wife had cancer, one very caring professor (I was in college at the time) told me I should do some pieces thusly based but I never could garner the enthusiasm. I wondered how Frida Kahlo could do it–work within her great adversity–enduring severe back pain in her case […]