Monthly Archive: June 2012


Theory Of Forced Results

This is a constant battle for me–to be at the place of not forcing results; it requires confidence. A sly boxer, though weaker physically than his opponent, can be wily enough to cause frustration in a larger, stronger adversary, making him strain to connect with a winning blow. The straining, though, works against him […]


The Way Of The Dodo

I’ve worked on one painting all week and it seems it’s going “the way of the Dodo” (pronounced dd) . I know, I know, I dwell on this subject—the subject of failed works that is; I guess because it’s so heart wrenching when it happens. I know the question should be, “why do I keep making the same mistakes”, because when I look at it there does seem to be a theme running through all the failures–one of over-working, loosing the values (or never really having them […]