This site serves as the venue for the purchase of select, small works on canvas and board from artist M.T. McClanahan. Larger paintings are available through representing galleries. See the official Home Page for more information.

M.T. McClanahan (American) 1960-

Studio Location - North Carolina
Medium - acrylic, oil
Genre - marine, scapes, figurative, architectural, portraiture
Current Series - large scale, intimate views of lone skiffs

Artist's Statement

"There is a mood to how an object or scene is presented that comes directly from the soul of the painter. Every brushstroke is laid down with this one intention—to emulate the soul’s disposition. Whether it’s a scene that I happen to stumble upon, or one that I forcibly create, the desire to portray this inner moodiness is always paramount.

Yes, I am always responding to my personal propensities for color and shape, my attraction to the light, affection for the subject; these all demonstrating my “loves”, as it were. But within each of these, guiding my presentation of all of these, is the overriding, singular power of the mood of the soul.

I believe the soul’s mood is formed from the beautiful, bittersweet mystery of life that occupies us, that overwhelms the greater part of me personally, and looks for expression in water and lone skiffs."