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Properties Of Colored Pigment 0

Properties Of Colored Pigment: Value, Temperature, Intensity And Hue

There are four properties of colored pigment that the artist manipulates in order to produce a painting: value, temperature, intensity and hue. And each property is seen in relation to surrounding areas of color; this relationship is called simultaneous contrast. From a practical standpoint the artist should be cognizant of the relational property of color. Two ways to facilitate more accurate color mixing are […]


Block Studies And Mud heads: Hawthorne, Hensche And The CSA

I’ve read the books illustrating the American Impressionist’s ideas and lessons in regards to capturing light, on canvas, with paint. Specifically Charles Hawthorne’s Hawthorne On Painting, and, John Robichaux’s (Henry) Hensche On Painting. The ideas here changed the way I paint […]