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Becoming: The Inevitable Changing Self

We change constantly—physically—and so we are different at every moment in our lives. Our brains are, literally, changed from moment to moment. Who or what we were as children is different from who we are in adulthood. We all recognize that we think differently now than we did at some point in the past and, so, change of some sort has taken place […]

Any Buttocks Will Do: The Importance Of Intent 0

Any Buttocks Will Do: The Importance Of Intent

One aspect of Impressionism and Post Impressionism–those “ism’s” known for their attention to light and color–is the refuting of the “grand theme”. Van Gogh painted old shoes, Monet painted haystacks; no longer was the subject, the subject. No longer was the artist focused primarily on the depiction of some major event […]

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Work And Understanding: Why We Are Here

It sounds melodramatic, and I can’t really explain it, but sincere work allows me to see beyond my mortality, at least that’s how I feel (by “sincere” work I mean work you are passionate about). Maybe the act of working, in some mysterious way, opens the mind, and spirit, to the secrets of the universe […}

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Shadow Of The Bear: The Power Of Art

But there is something here that transcends the everyday, transcends familiarity and size, something satisfying to the soul. It’s the seemingly simple things in life that give us the deepest satisfaction…I know it made me feel safe and comfortable–it was like I left all my cares in the car and stood before the shadow in perfect calm […]

Experience: To See Or To Feel 2

Experience: To See Or To Feel

My recent painting got me thinking about what it is I’m trying to do with my art. These thoughts lead me to the conclusion that what I am really trying to do, with images on canvas, is represent feelings–feelings about the subject, about the look of the subject, and most of all, about what this image evokes inside of me […]

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Beauty Came To See

I think to see beauty you must realize you are beauty, like to love another you must love yourself first, or to be an artist you must realize you are one. This always sounds somewhat conceited when I say it, but it’s not, just as confidence is not the same...