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Rod And I: Love, Art And Trains

When Rod first discovered he had ALS, he noticed a weakness in his right arm, his painting arm, naturally. He was quite brave and didn’t let the weakness slow him down. He painted some monumental acrylic canvases. One showed him as a self-portrait nude with a machine gun in his hand […]

Reborn: A Conversation With Renata 5

Reborn: A Conversation With Renata

Being reborn is painful. It seems that the process needs follow a certain course, from catastrophe to searching and, finally, to the new being. The following is from a conversation I had with an artist (I’ll call her Renata–meaning reborn) that began as a comment/question of hers on Facebook […]

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For Whom Do You Create: Michelangelo Finds His Form

I’ve read many artists say that they want to show the viewer, through the work, what they see. That is the gift of strong sensitivity (sometimes a curse)—the intensity of the green meadow overwhelms me, or the blue of the ocean, the stark contrasts of a still life or the power of a simple line—these prompt me to work […]

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The Art Of Meaning: The Elusive Why

The way to meaning is by process–doing over and over again. And deep down I think that the meaning will never be precise, it will always be developing, will always be in motion. Key to producing is in the realization that what I am doing is important, has meaning, before I even know what that meaning is […]