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The Laughing Christ: Inspiration Through Tradition

The description next to the painting read in part… On Sunday morning in January of 1975, Father Stewart did not come to conduct services at his Melbourne Beach, Florida church. He had a serious brain-stem stroke and doctors could give little encouragement for his recovery. Prayer vigils were set up near...

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Rod And I: Love, Art And Trains

When Rod first discovered he had ALS, he noticed a weakness in his right arm, his painting arm, naturally. He was quite brave and didn’t let the weakness slow him down. He painted some monumental acrylic canvases. One showed him as a self-portrait nude with a machine gun in his hand […]

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Becoming: The Inevitable Changing Self

We change constantly—physically—and so we are different at every moment in our lives. Our brains are, literally, changed from moment to moment. Who or what we were as children is different from who we are in adulthood. We all recognize that we think differently now than we did at some point in the past and, so, change of some sort has taken place […]

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Reborn: A Conversation With Renata

Being reborn is painful. It seems that the process needs follow a certain course, from catastrophe to searching and, finally, to the new being. The following is from a conversation I had with an artist (I’ll call her Renata–meaning reborn) that began as a comment/question of hers on Facebook […]