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Inspiration The Art Of Being An Artist

Reinspire Yourself: The Art Of Being An Artist

How do you keep creating day after day? When dry spells come, or motivation is absent, what do you do? Do you do nothing, just waiting for lightning to strike? Drink a lot of caffeine? Listen to music? What is the art of being an artist?

If you indeed want to do the work, want to be inspired, then you have the motivation already (there is a difference between inspiration and motivation). But you can have drive to create art and still not see a direction in which to go. Motivation can also take the form of financial need or, maybe, you’re friend simply wants a portrait.


The Art Of Being An Artist

Self Portrait by Anna Feldhusen 1899

There are very practical things the artist can do to help with inspiring his art: cleaning up your studio, acquiring new tools, studying nature and exploring new places, looking at great works of art. Below I offer a few deeper considerations for making yourself available for inspiration.



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Keeping Up With The Synapses: Being In A Creative Flow

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5 On Edge (detail) by C. Guthrie

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Creation of Adam detail Michelangelo

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Number 1, Lavender Mist detail) by Jackson Pollock
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